What does the SonoTran Platform offer?

SonoTran® is designed to:

Increase Efficacy Increase Efficacy
By enhancing the dose and distribution throughout solid tumour tissues.
Reduce Toxicity Reduce Toxicity
By enhancing tumour dose whilst administering lower systemic dose to the patient.
Enable New Delivery Routes & Indications Enable New Delivery Routes & Indications
By overcoming pharmacokinetic-related limitations.
Increase Therapeutic Consistency Increase Therapeutic Consistency
By reducing variability associated with tumour delivery on a patient-to-patient basis.
Extend Patent Life Extend Patent Life
By combining an off-patent therapeutic agent with patent protected SonoTran technology.
Salvage Failed Therapeutic Agents Salvage Failed Therapeutic Agents
By enhancing efficacy at or below the maximum tolerated and/or maximum feasible dose.
Reduce Cost of Goods Reduce Cost of Goods
By reducing systemic dose, therapeutic agent manufacturing costs can be reduced.
Evaluate and Licence

OxSonics® has an active and diverse partnering programme and is open to exploring new and innovative collaboration partnerships.

An important feature of SonoTran® is that it can be utilized in conjunction with therapeutic agents without any need for reformulation. Partnering opportunities exist for therapeutic agents in pre-clinical and clinical development as well as agents already approved for clinical use.

If you would like to learn more about what SonoTran can do for your therapeutic agent, please contact us.



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